Buy the Pitch Reality boardgame

Pitch Reality is a board game for ideally 5 players or more at a time to play for about 35-50 minutes.

The purpose of the game is to learn how to answer pitch questions and how bias affects pitches. Entrepreneurs will experience how male and female entrepreneurs are treated differently.

How to play  – Entrepreneurs must roll a 6 in order to be granted their Start-up capital of 200K and leave the Start-Up square. Players take it in turns to roll the dice to determine how many spaces they move around the board. The Investor handles all of the money transactions.

How to Win – The business with the most money at the end of 5 rounds wins the game. All money earned throughout the game counts. If you swapped roles in the game, your business had a successful exit, but unfortunately, that money is consumed and doesn’t count. If the game is tied, the Investor wins.